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Enhance Your Forex Trading Experience

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If you are novice or experienced trader and want to improve & enhance your trading experience, London City Trading offers an online trading floor which produces a wide range of high probability trade setup alerts.

After 2 years of market research and development, we have created a trading dashboard which provides us with price action alerts on 12 currency pairs, including explanation screen shots, which are an invaluable help in our day trading.

Finding good trade opportunities while keeping an eye on multiple of currency pairs, even with the use of multiple computer monitors, is quite a big challenge for traders. London City Trading has resolved this challenge by displaying a number of different alerts for potential high probability trade setups in one dashboard.

Price Action Trade Setup Alerts

Every indicator is derived mathematically from price so no indicator could do a better job of predicting the next move than the price itself. Even after trading successfully with the use of indicators many trading veterans move on to trading with naked charts.

If you want to trade on price action and make sure not to miss breakouts next time join our online trading floor. Members are notified instantly with a screen shot whenever a price action alert triggers (on pairs and timeframes of your choice). These screen shots are very helpful for a price action trader to make quick and valid trading decisions.

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly Pivots Alerts

It’s hard to come by a professional technical analysis report in which high time frame pivots are not analyzed.

Receive alerts few pips before price is about to reach these important levels. These alerts come with screen shots attached so that you can make timely and sound trading decisions.

Alerts include Daily, Weekly, Monthly Pivots including R1, R2, S1 and S2 alerts.

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly High & Lows Alerts

Price action around higher time frame High & Lows could be very predictable in terms of where price could go next i.e if price breaks through it usually means the trend will continue and a bounce off the levels could signal a stall or a reversal in the move. Almost every professional trader will have these levels marked on his chart.

These high and lows alerts combined with Stochastic and RSI divergence alerts could prove to be very strong and profitable trading setups.

Enhance Trading

RSI Divergence & Reversals Alerts

Unlike other lagging indicators RSI Divergence is a leading indicator and is a very effective tool to successfully identify market reversal points.

RSI divergence is used by many trend following and counter trend traders. Many price action and support and resistance traders also use RSI divergence to determine the strength of their setups.

Get the RSI divergence alerts on 15M, 30M and 1H time frames along with screen shots to make a better judgment instead of blindly trading on every alert.

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EMA Crossover Alerts

In house developed very simple EMA crossover trading strategy for traders

Day traders can get screen shots alerts when price is crossover EMA and with the combination of other leading industry indicators they make timely and precise trading decisions.

This is very simple and easy to follow strategy, join us today and watch how effective this strategy is.

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Stochastic Divergence Alerts

Stochastic Divergence indicator is also a very widely used tool to identify trend reversal points.

Stochastic is a leading indicator that signals potential trade setups before we see change in price direction.

Receive timely signals with screen shots so that you never miss an opportunity next time price is about to make a U-turn.

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Fibonacci Levels Trade Setup Alerts

Fibonacci retracement levels are one of the most widely used technical analysis tools. From trend to counter trend traders, pure price action or Indicator and from retail traders to professionals in banks and hedge funds everybody looks at Fibonacci levels.

That’s why we have a special tab in our online trading floor to alert members whenever price gets near a Fibonacci level.

A video explaining how to use these fib levels is available in members area to enhance performance of any trading method you are using.

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Trend Lines Breakout Alerts

Price movements are more vertical rather horizontal most of the times. Nature of these moves develops trendlines and channels on price charts. Like high and lows there are always high probability trade setups occurring around these lines either if price breaks them or bounces off them.

Day traders can get screen shots alerts when price is near these levels to make timely and precise trading decisions.

Join us and watch these alerts live

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Candle Pattern Alerts

Trader across all financial markets from stocks, commodities to currencies have been analyzing Candlestick patterns for hundreds of years.

Reversal candle patterns forming on high time frame high/lows and/or trenlines are money in the bank most of the times.

Receive alerts every time your favorite candle patterns forms on a chart like Doji, Harami, Hammer or a Shooting Star etc from 15M to 4H charts

Enhance Trading

Most importantly, you can also view our successful traders trade live, providing screen shots with full explanations for their actions. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to share your trade plans, discuss dashboard trade alerts and ask our traders any questions you may have.

We are still developing our system and soon we will be adding more features and successful strategies on our dashboard.

We are technical traders and open minded people. If you are a professional trader and would like add your strategies on our dashboard we would love to hear from you.

Our goal is to make trading profitable, interactive and fun for everybody.

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