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Forex Trading Coaching and Mentorship

The Online Forex Mastery Course

One To One Training

Forex mentorship program you will find anywhere on the internet. The course is tailor made, designed to adjust according to each student’s needs, knowledge and learning style. The training is ongoing as things do not stop once the syllabus is covered and you are free to come back for a recap or questions whenever you like. You will also receive a three month free membership to join our ViewLiveTrades.com trader’s network where you can receive our high accuracy trading signal alerting the trader for potential high probability trade setups and watch us trade live according to strategies we have taught you while giving explanations for our trades. This is a course you can join no matter what the initial level of your understanding of Forex markets is.

All the following sub-courses are included in the Forex Mastery Course

  • Forex Beginner’s Course

  • This is an introduction to the Forex markets, how they work and how money is made. It is designed for the complete beginner, put together in an easy to understand format. You will learn how to set up a trading platform and how to place demo trades (until you are ready to go live with real money). Moreover, you will get a thorough understanding of what a trend is and how to use it to your benefit, how to plot support and resistance, you will familiarize yourself with various indicators and learn when and when not to trade. Also, you will be taught a simple strategy that you can start to use once you complete the module.

  • Part-Time Trading Course

  • This course has been designed for those who have an understanding of the Forex market, are familiar with a trading platform and wish to trade Forex on a part time basis and want to make Forex trading fit around your working life, social life or retirement. We will teach you how to make an extra income in your spare time and we will show you different strategies and trade set ups in order for you to find the trading style that best suits your mentality, personality, risk appetite and trading style. After this course you will feel very comfortable to trade on your own however, should you ever need to come back to us for a recap this is not a problem.

  • Scalping Course

  • Forex scalping is not for the faint hearted but once mastered and executed properly, scalping is one of the quickest ways to grow your capital but if you are not sure what you are doing it can also be the road to ruin. As a scalper you are aiming to take many trades over a trading day and you usually look for about five to ten pips per trade. We will teach you how to scalp the markets professionally using Fibonacci retracements, trends, counter trend trades and also which pairs to scalp and when to scalp.

  • Day Trading Course

  • This course is for advanced traders. We will be showing you what is inside the head of a day trader. What he thinks, the mindset of trade execution, the risk reward ratio calculations and where the stops and profit targets should be placed. As a day trader you may hold open a position from fifteen minutes to a few hours or even a whole day but most positions are usually closed before the end of the trading day, looking for anything between 20 to 50 pips per trade .We will provide you with an abundance of study material and resources as well as unlimited support no matter how long it takes you to master your trading skills. Furthermore, you can get tremendous benefits from watching us trade live on the ViewLiveTrades.com platform and joining our growing online trader’s community.

  • Trading Psychology and Money Management

  • This is a course for those already trading Forex successfully and just need a hand with the psychology and money management side of things. You can be the best trader ever but if you do not have the right mindset and equity money management drummed into your head you will not last long as a trader. After attending this course you will feel well balanced and in the right mentality tackle any trading problems you have been having.

  • We are different from all the other Forex education programs that simply dump large amounts of information on the student who is then supposed to assimilate this information and trade successfully thereafter. We believe that each student needs to be able to take his time during his learning process. Furthermore, due to the nature of trading itself, we believe that each student’s course should adapt according to the needs and goal of the student and we do not believe in “one size fits all” kind of learning. Our motto at londoncitytrading is “come as a student or a client and leave as a friend”. We love trading with a passion and wish to share the freedom trading gives with you.