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Investing in Forex Market

One To One Training

London City Trading now offers the latest innovative trading technology solution for Forex Investors. If you are an investor and looking for professional traders to invest on, our FX dashboard offers you the chance to watch professional traders trade live, including algorithmic trade systems. You can pick the best traders and/or algorithmic trade systems according to your preferences and with our technology solution you can easily copy their trades directly to your broker account without having to take any action.

Our technology solution allows each investor to choose the amount of capital he wants to invest in each trade and/or trader according to his own views. Your selected trades will be automatically passed on your broker account the second they are taken by our traders or trading systems while you are free to adjust your own leverage and change any parameters of the trade (stop loss, take profit, partial close) should you wish to do so.

  • London City Trading simply acts as a bridge between traders and investors. Our member traders are emotion free as they are technical traders and all their trades are based on valid technical trading reasons and a well defined in house strict business discipline and trading rules. Their goal is to place trades with valid technical reason supporting them regardless of losing or winning.

  • London City Trading offers full training to all our investors on setting up VPs, broker account and money management and we also provide weekly trading reports to all our investor members.

  • Get One Week Free Trial.

  • Watch live Forex trading in real time, select professional traders or symantec robot of your choice and copy winning trade into your MT4 account by using inovative trading technology and manage your trades and account online.