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  • Forex Coaching & Training

  • Forex Coaching and Training
  • If you are new to trading,struggling with your trading or looking for coaching & mentoring,London City Trading offer one to one online trading coaching and training services with unlimited support via online trading floor.

  • Enhance Your Trading Experience

  • Enhance Your Trading Experience
  • If you are an experienced trader and would like to improve & enhance your trading experience,our FX dashboard is an essential tool which can help in effectively monitoring the markets and pick the best trade setups.

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  • Forex Investor
  • If you are investor and looking for professional traders,on our FX dashboard you can watch live professional traders trading and pick the best traders to trades for your account or simply copy their trades via EA

Flex Trading System

Flex Trading System

Flex Trading system is a momentum and trend following system developed by professional traders. The system is developed focusing on the fact that the best time to take a position in the market is when a trend exhibits strength and momentum. Flex trading system is built to indicate the traders the exact entry points as the price is about to take off.

Flex is divided further into basic and advance trading strategies for complete beginners and more experienced traders respectively.

Flex is a very “Flexible” trading system and performs equally well in all type of market conditions which could be used on any time frame you are comfortable to trade with. Flex is suitable for traders who are sitting in front of their charts for 10 hours or others who have just have a couple of hours in a day to trade.

We provide complete coaching and training for Flex trading system which also includes live support via our online trading floor(tradecast),if you have any further questions about Flex trading system and one to one coaching classes please contact us.

Flex Trading System