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Forex Online Trading Floor

Online trading floor, london city trading

Online Trading Floor is our trading management system that equips the tools and networking mechanism necessary to provide the users with all the updates with regards to rading process and changes in the Forex Market.

This system is our unique proprietary system developed after 5 years of research and development. Moreover; the system is a unique tool in the industry and has been proven to provide helpful tools and features to the user.

The features of the system is as follows:

Open Trades: Our open trades function allows the user to review his trades which has been already executed and those which are still open. Moreover; it allows the user to know the details about his trades with regards to opening and closing price, any stop or limit order, real time movement in the number of pips both negative and positive and also the ability to close or even break even the trade. In addition to that, this function also allows the user to review the screenshot for each of his trade by clicking at the unique number for each trade provided at the left side of the open trade window.

Trade update: This function allows the user to review any recent updates, with regard to any recent or past trade executed, any modification to the level of a limit or stop order and also any losses or wins occurred during any session of trading.

Performance: Performance tab in our trading floor is an important tool for evaluating the performance of any trader, as it allows them to review their wins and losses in the form of pips on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Moreover; it usually shows the number of pips gain and losses on a single and cumulative basis, which are divided according to a single and a whole month time frame.

News Alert: This function is specifically developed in order to provide the user with upcoming and recent economic news, which could affect any trading pairs to a certain extent. Moreover; the news is rating according to their impact ranging from low to high along with their timing of release.

Setup Signal: This tab is very important as it provides the users an insight with regards to any trading opportunity, which is assessed by different technical tools such as MACD, Price Action, Pivots, Stochastic, Fibonacci and other important tools as well.

Traders Chat: This is a discussion tab, where the users of London City trading could collaborate with each other by sharing their views with regards to any trade or even shares their trades screenshot.